Online Banking Help

My Tasks

The Administration section of business online banking allows both administrators and users to perform several tasks.

The Administration tab opens to the My Tasks page. This page displays tasks for administrators. You may see:

  • My Tasks - Tasks submitted by another administrator in the Business Group that need your approval to complete.
  • Failed Tasks - Tasks that were not created due to errors.
  • Rejected Tasks - Tasks that were created by an Administrator that another administrator in the Business Group rejected.
  • Submitted Tasks - Tasks that you have submitted that are awaiting approval by another administrator.

To approve or reject a task:

  1. Click on the task name.
  2. On the Tasks>Approval page, review the task. Click Approve to approve it or Reject to reject it. Or click Cancel to return to the My Tasks page.
  3. Type a Comment (mandatory) and click Confirm. A confirmation page displays a message that your task has been approved and processed, or rejected, depending on the action you took.