Online Banking Help

Pay Bills

The Bill Payments tab opens to the Pay Bills page. You can set up bill payments that will take place immediatel(now), later, or on an on-going basis (recurring).

Before you can get started paying bills, you must have some payees. Click Add Payees to set up your payees.

To pay a bill:

  1. Click the Membership drop-down list and select the Membership for which you would like to pay a bill.
  2. Select the account from which you would like to pay the bill from the drop-down list. If you would like this account to be the default bill payment account for this Membership, ensure the check box Save as my default payment account is checked. Note:Your payment limits for bill payments for this Membership are displayed below the account choice on this page.
  3. Click Show Last Payment to see the last payments made to the vendors in your list of payees.
  4. Click the payee for which you want to pay the bill.
  5. Select the Account, if different from your default bill payment account.
  6. Leave the default date in Payment Date to pay the bill now or click in the Payment Date field to select another date from the calendar.
  7. Click in the Amount field and type the amount of the bill.
  8. pay bills

  9. Click Submit to continue with the payment or Reset to clear the fields.
  10. On the Pay Bills Confirmation screen click Confirm to continue with the payment. The Pay Bills Receipt is displayed. Print the receipt for your records. Or click Cancel to cancel the payment.

If further approvals are required on the bill payments that you place, advise the bill payment approver that they must sign in to approve the bill payment. Once all necessary approvals have been registered, a confirmation receipt with a confirmation number will be presented. Only then is the bill payment completed.