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Tax Payments

Tax Payments in business online banking provides access to Assure Pay where you can schedule, update, or delete a government payment. You can file and pay both federal and provincial taxes. Payments made meet relevant government tax reporting requirements. Assure Pay allows you to check your transaction history and manage transactions as needed.

You can make the following payments:

  • Tax on Revenue:
    • Federal Corporate Tax Payments
    • Federal Personal Tax Instalment (SOHO)
    • Ontario Corporation Tax
  • Sales tax:
    • Federal GST/HST Return
    • Federal GST/HST Payment/Remittance
  • Employee Tax:
    • Federal Payroll Deductions
    • Ontario Employer Health Tax
    • Ontario Family Responsibility Office Payment (Ministry of the Attorney General – Family Responsibility Office)

Note:Before you begin, you as a user and your Business Group both need to be set up with Meridian to make CRA Payments.

To access Tax Payments:

  1. Click on Tax Payments on the left-hand bar on the Bill Payments tab.
  2. On the Tax Payments page select one of the following choices:
    • Create New Tax Payment Group
    • Continue to Tax Payments

    tax payment groups

A Business Group must be set up with permission to access Tax Payments or Users will receive an error message and will not be taken to the Assure Pay site. Also,if a Business Group is set up with permission to access Tax Payments, but the User signed in does not have Tax Payments permission attached to their profile, then the User will receive an error message and will not be taken to the Assure Pay site.

Tax Payment Account Groups

All Users have a Default Tax Payment Group which contains the first 20 accounts added to their Online Banking Profile. To access any accounts not in the Default Tax Payment Group, you will need to create a new Tax Payment Account Group containing no more than 20 of the accounts not included in the Default Tax Payment Group. These groups only affect the account display in Assure Pay, not in online banking.

Each time you wish to make a payment, you must choose the Tax Payment Account Group that contains the account or accounts you wish to make the payment from.

To create a new Tax Payment Group:

  1. On the Bill Payments tab, click Tax Payments from the left-hand menu and select Create New Tax Payment Group.
  2. Type the Tax Payment Group Name to distinguish the group for your use.
  3. Click in the Select boxes beside each of the accounts you wish to include in the group, up to a maximum of 20 accounts per group.
  4. Click Continue to create the group or Cancel to exit the screen. The Create New Tax Payment Account Group Confirmation page is presented for your review.
  5. Click Confirm if the accounts listed are those you wish to have in the new group or Cancel to exit the screen. A confirmation receipt completes the creation of the Tax Payment Group.

Continue to Tax Payments

Once you have the appropriate Tax Payments Groups set up to allow you to access all of the accounts required for Tax Payments, you may proceed to make your payments.

On the Tax Payments screen, select the Tax Payment Account Group that contains the account(s) that you wish to make a payment from and click Continue to Tax Payments. Your Business Group’s Meridian access to Assure Pay opens in a separate window at the Assure Pay Main Menu.

Payment Types

To use the Meridian Tax Payments service, you must define the eligible payments and add payment types for your Business Group. You must have Payments & Manage Payees permission to perform the following.

To add a payment type:

  1. On the Main Menu page, click Add Payment Type.
  2. Select the payment type for the drop-down list and click Next.
  3. Type the Payment Type account number and click Add this Payment Type.

To edit a payment type:

  1. On the Main Menu page, select the payment type and click Edit Payment Type.
  2. Correct the information.
  3. Click Save Changes.

To remove a payment type:

  1. On the Main Menu page, select the payment type and click Remove Payment Type. The system prompts you to confirm.
  2. Click OK. A confirmation page is displayed.

Making Payments

  1. On the Main Menu, select the desired payment type and click Make a Payment.
  2. On the Make a Payment page, specify the payment details. Note: When entering amounts, do not use commas or spaces. Click in the field and type the amount. For example, for 5,000.00, type 5000.
  3. Click Pay.
  4. Review the confirmation screen. Click Confirm if all the details are correct, or Cancel to make changes. A receipt is displayed.
  5. Click Make another Payment or Main Menu.

Cancelling Payments

You can cancel a payment dated for the following day, as long as it is done before 11:59 p.m. If a payment is processed by mistake, it can be cancelled by contacting TELUS Customer Service at 1-800-206-9444.

To cancel a payment:

  1. On the Main Menu, click View/Cancel Future Dated Transaction.
  2. Complete the search criteria and click View Transactions.
  3. cra future dated

  4. In the Transaction column, click on the transaction number to view the payment.
  5. Click Cancel this transaction.

Cancelling a payment is subject to the same approval rules as you have set for making a payment. If the necessary number of approvals is NOT received for a cancellation, the payment will proceed and be made.

Approving Payments

To approve a transaction in the Transaction Approval section, approvers must click on the payment link to get the details of the transaction awaiting approval. The approval statuses are as follows:

  • Pending approval (0/2), pending approval (1/2)
  • Pending cancellation (0/2), pending cancellation (1/2)
  • Expired (payment period is expired and transaction will not be completed)

The approver must click on Approve to authorize the transaction (payment or cancellation). Once the required number of approvals are registered, the final approver will receive a confirmation page with a confirmation number. It is important for the final approver to print this page for your records.

Important Note: The required number of approvals must be registered before the scheduled payment date or the transaction will NOT be completed – this means a payment or cancellation of a payment will not be made.

Future-Dated Transactions

You have the option to view and cancel (if necessary) future-dated transactions.

To view future-dated transactions:

  1. On the Main Menu, click View/Cancel Future Dated Transactions. The Future Dated Transactions results page is displayed.
  2. future dated transactions

  3. To cancel a transaction, click the transaction number. On the transaction details page, click Cancel.
  4. On the confirmation page, click Confirm.

The Main Menu also has an option for viewing your transaction history. Click View Transaction History. Select the start and end dates to filter your search.

cra transaction history