Online Banking Help


Transfers allow you to move money between accounts in your buisness group. By defining access to features, accounts, and transactions, the business can control or restrict users' transactions. It also allows the business to set up an approval system that mirrors the account set-up on “two to sign” accounts.

There are two types of transfers that you can do through online banking: transfers between accounts in the Business Group and Inter-Member Transfers. Inter-Member Transfers allow a business to send money out to another Meridian account that is not within the related accounts of the Business Group. This could be the personal account of an employee (for small payrolls), or the account of a service provider, and so on. The receiving account must be a Meridian account. All transfers can be set to take place immediately, at a later date, or on an recurring basis.

Transfers Between Business Group Accounts

To transfer money:

  1. On the Transfers page, type the amount to be transferred.
  2. transfer in business group

  3. For the source of funds (From) click on the first drop-down lists to select the Membership and the account.
  4. For the destination of funds (To) click on the first drop-down lists to select the Membership and the account.
  5. Select when you want the transfer to take place:
    • Now - the transfer will take place immediately (once appropriate approvals are made, if any)
    • Later - the transfer will take place in the future. Click the Date field and select the date for your transfer.
    • Ongoing - this is a recurring transfer. Click the Period drop-down list to select the frequency of the transfer, for example weekly. Click the Start Date field to select the date of the first transfer. Click the End Date field to select the date of the last transfer.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Review the details of the transfer on the Transfer Money Confirmation page. Click Confirm to continue. A receipt is displayed. OR click Cancel to cancel the transfer.

If further approvals are required on the transfers that you place, advise the Business’ transfer approver that they must sign in to approve the transfer. Once all necessary approvals have been registered, a confirmation receipt will be presented. Only then is the transfer completed.